Inspired by nature

NATURAL EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS - a line of the highest quality products.

The AMZ Natural collection is carefully selected fillings made of down and feathers coming exclusively from Polish geese as well as noble merino, alpaca and Cashmere goat wool. But that's not all - they are covered with the highest quality natural fabrics that combine timeless elegance and exceptional durability.

This is an excellent purchase that will stay with you for years.


The wonderful properties of natural raw materials have been appreciated for generations

Collection: AMZ

Natural Luxury Quilts and Pillows

AMZ has become the Polish leader among producers of duvets and pillows.

Wonderfully soft duvets and pillows, filled only with natural fibers. Textiles for the bedroom are entirely created in Greater Poland, in Szamotuły. A modern, very extensive machine park and a specialized team guarantee quality in every detail - from filling to covering. The quality of down from Polish geese is known all over the world, and AMZ knows how to best use its advantages.

The assortment includes the highest quality duvets and pillows filled with world-famous Polish goose down, as well as stuffed with the wool of Cashmere goats, delicate merino wool, soft and wonderfully wrapping alpaca wool, and a silk collection.