Anti-allergic duvets - peaceful sleep

A natural and hypoallergenic collection of duvets and pillows for people struggling with allergies, without microplastics! Also recommended for lovers of a vegan lifestyle - plant-based, sustainable and biodegradable fibers. Fluffy organic cotton, crisp and enveloping hemp, delicate TENCEL wood fiber and plant-based kapok are an ideal alternative to duvets filled with down or animal fiber due to confirmed allergies.

Choose an antiallergic and hypoallergenic sleep environment

Basically, what dust mites love is high humidity

Natural duvets and pillows for people with allergies

Natural duvets and pillows from the anti-allergic collection provide a pleasant and dry sleeping climate thanks to their wonderful thermoregulatory properties. The materials used, fillings and modern production technology create an excellent sleep microclimate for children and adults.

Specially selected natural fillings prevent the development and multiplication of dust mites and other allergens, do not retain moisture, are light and fluffy and distribute heat evenly. An ideal option for people with allergies, asthma, and those allergic to dust mites and feathers.

They effectively reduce the level of nearby allergens, ensuring healthy and restful sleep for the whole family.

Collection: Anti-allergic duvets

Healthy and peaceful sleep for the whole family. Antiallergic and hypoallergenic duvets for children and adults with pillows. We wrap you in warmth.