Himalayan Salt

Discover the beneficial properties of Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt is made from dried ocean water that dates back over 250 million years. This ancient salt is fossilized more than 850 meters below the Himalayas. Today it is widely used as a substitute for table salt due to its high mineral content and as salt lamps to ionize the atmosphere in a room. However, it also has energetic properties such as grounding and protection against negative energies. Its pink color emits a vibration of self-love and personal empowerment. Its grounding effect will encourage a person to adopt a healthier lifestyle and challenge loved ones to set boundaries.

Himalayan salt generates negative ions. It is very pleasant and healing to fall asleep with a pillow filled with Himalayan salt. Negative ions ionize the body, which is associated with the treatment of respiratory problems, alleviating allergies, rheumatism and blood imbalances. High levels of negative ions in the air will begin to neutralize bacteria in the atmosphere. This will provide relief from allergies, congestion, headaches, fevers, asthma and lung diseases. It also stimulates the immune system.


Thanks to its properties, Himalayan salt naturally helps with fatigue, swollen eyes, sinus pain and migraines when slightly heated or cooled.

Your home SPA

A soothing eye pillow filled with Himalayan salt during upper respiratory tract infections, for relaxation, yoga, meditation and peaceful sleep.

Himalayan salt pillow, gently presses the contours of the face and tension points around the eyes and forehead, relieving tension and calming muscles, while blocking light to aid relaxation. It is perfect for relaxation, rest, meditation, as well as for relieving the eyes after many hours of working at the computer.

Organic Himalayan salt

The Himalayan salt that we fill our pillows with is certified by organic farming.

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