We try to make our packaging as ecological as possible, reduce the amount of waste or accelerate the degradation and recycling processes.

  • Cardboard packaging is FSC certified, made of 90% recycled materials and is fully biodegradable, without printing, so you can use it for your own purposes.
  • The packaging tape is made of 100% recyclable kraft paper, covered with a natural rubber glue.
  • Recyclable tissue paper, dyed without chlorine, free from harmful substances.
  • Labels are printed on stiff, undyed, FSC-certified, eco-friendly papers.
  • The strings we use to tie the products and labels are made of natural jute, fully biodegradable.
  • If there is a need to use poly mailers, we chose those made of LDPE foil with the addition of d2w, which causes the preliminary oxidation of the material and facilitates its degradation.

Our products contain the Power of Love! We approach each project individually. Each of our collections is made out of the heart, with respect for all involved.

Thank you for your kind hearts and every order.