An aura of blissful relaxation, luminosity and charming magic.

Discover a new quality of linen - linen fabric has become exceptionally soft and delicate. The highest quality confirmed by the EUROPEAN FLAX® certificate

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Invite nature inside

Create a biophilic space where the body and mind rest and relax, evoking the closeness of nature.

We hope to show how responsibly produced textiles can create a beautiful home space

Our collections include bedding, duvets, towels and interior furnishing items made exclusively of natural fibers.

Cashmere Quilts

Cashmere heat magic

Soft and delicate cashmere fibers combined with merino wool create an exceptionally warm and durable filling for duvets and pillows. Cover made of exclusive and delicate TENCEL fabric with a satin finish.

HEFEL Cashmere DeLuxe year-round duvet

Freshness in the bedroom

Linen bedding

Wrap yourself in natural bedding and feel how silky smooth fibers wrap around your delicate skin. Make your relaxation time even cozier with luxurious linen bedding.

Linen bedding

Hypoallergenic Collection

Children's quilts

A natural and hypoallergenic collection of duvets and pillows for people struggling with allergies, without microplastics! The materials used, fillings and modern production technology create an excellent sleep microclimate for children and adults.

Safe Sleep Collection

The world of natural and ecological bed linen

Fresh and natural. Soft and flexible. Crisp and enveloping - the highest quality fibers from the most sustainable raw materials on earth. Environmentally friendly, biodegradable and 100% ecological.

Flax and Hemp

We spend one third of our lives in our bedrooms.

Ecological Linen and Hemp bedding helps us restore balance of mind, body and spirit.

Invite nature into the bedroom!

Hemp Collection

Our designs are inspired by nature and based on the principles of biophilia, i.e. the theory that people are happier surrounded by natural materials

That's why we only use natural fibers and choose subdued colors and subtle patterns for our designs. In this way, we hope to create a product that brings the therapeutic benefits of nature into your home.

HEFEL organic merino wool duvet

A duvet with delicate pine petals delights with its fluffy filling and wraps you all night long, with the special life energy of pine.

Wonderfully liberating and relaxing.