Schwarzwald BIO - Natural Luxury Quilts and Pillows

Manufacturer of high-quality natural bedding - duvets, pillows and mattress toppers - based in Lörrach, Germany, a city located in a beautiful landscape, on the border of Germany, Switzerland and France.

Natural wool duvets and pillows. Kapok, organic wool, down and feathers. Cotton duvets.

Respect for nature, animals and people and careful use of resources are the most important values ​​of the Schwarzwald BIO brand, which is also reflected in their GOTS certification. Environmentally friendly production with its own deep well, water recycling plant and one of the largest heat and power plants in the region.


Textiles that ensure good sleep have been produced for almost 120 years; for over 70 years the headquarters was located in the heart of the beautiful, natural landscape of the southern Black Forest.

One of the few leading manufacturers of fully integrated down mattresses. A modern machinery park located on a production area of ​​17,000 m2 allows you to control and monitor every stage of work. All stages of the production process take place in the plant - from checking the receipt of goods to the last seam on the finished product element. The basis of production is our own laboratory, certified by the European Down and Feather Association, which allows for continuous monitoring of fabrics and filling materials to ensure that they meet high quality standards.

A collection of natural BIO quilts and pillows
Success is based on qualified employees with many years of experience in working with down and feathers, selection of the best raw materials and high standards of quality and innovation.

A deep bond with nature

Involvement as a partner of the Black Forest Tourism Chamber (Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH), an environmentally friendly production plant - with its own deep well, a water recycling plant and one of the largest thermal power plants in the region - as well as a unique collection whose name comes from the land - BLACK FOREST (collection premium) and SCHWARZWALD BIO (ecological collection).

All sleep textiles that are manufactured are based on high-quality fabrics and filling materials, as well as excellent craftsmanship. It goes without saying that the Schwarzwald BIO brand uses resources sustainably, taking into account aspects important for safety, health and the environment, out of respect and appreciation for nature.

Natural quilts and pillows made of wool, kapok fiber, cotton VEGAN, VEGE.
Animal welfare is also one of the highest priorities. Only raw materials from certified sustainable sources are used. DOWNPASS standard used to emphasize a zero-tolerance attitude towards animal nibbling and force-feeding.

Organic hemp pillow

The highest precision of workmanship

In addition to the sustainable origin of raw materials, the Schwarzwald BIO brand also guarantees the highest quality of the offered duvets, pillows and bedding products. Independent audits ensure that the composition of the fillings complies with the established guidelines. What's more, every duvet and pillow that leaves the company undergoes a final inspection by the quality management department to ensure impeccable workmanship. All this is only possible because production takes place exclusively at the plant in Lörrach, Germany.

Natural wool quilt, ecological, warm, 160x200. 140x200, 220x200, 200x200, for children, cotton, kapok

GOTS, NOMITE, RDS certified for down feathers. wool and cotton duvets.

The duvet is an important element of the practice of "sleep hygiene". Its purpose is to keep you warm while being breathable, wicking moisture and providing a cozy softness. If it has all these properties, it will provide a perfect sleeping climate and a good night's sleep.

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