Cozy bedroom.

The soothing properties of nature.

Linen Tales offers a wide range of linen and hemp bedding products.

Discover bedding sets, linen and hemp duvet covers, and linen and hemp sheets to create a cohesive and calm atmosphere in your bedroom. Each element was made with extraordinary attention to detail and from the highest quality materials, ensuring a truly luxurious sleep.


Discover a new quality of linen and hemp - linen and hemp fabric has become exceptionally soft and delicate

Advantages of linen and hemp fabrics

Valued for centuries, they have many unique properties, considered a luxurious material and highly valued all over the world.

Sustainable development
Linen and hemp, known as the strongest natural fiber in the world, highly resistant to wear. Thanks to this, you can enjoy your favorite products for many years without having to replace them after several washes.

Thanks to their hollow fibers and loose weaves, air can easily flow through the fabric, which means they wick moisture away easily and keep your body comfortable even on hot days.

Hypoallergenic properties
Endowed with antibacterial and antiallergic properties, they create a wonderful microclimate. Friendly to people with sensitive, allergy-prone skin.

Good for all seasons
Favored as a summer fabric, linen not only cools, but also insulates depending on the temperature, ensuring comfort all year round.

Collection: Linen Tales

Natural linen and hemp bedding - interior textiles, made with attention to every detail by local craftsmen. A combination of culture, tradition and elegance - a timeless classic in a fully natural version.