Well-being and comfort.

Woolen pillows

Pillows filled with 100% pure ecological wool create an exceptionally cozy sleeping environment. They have amazing thermoregulation properties and excellent elasticity.

WOOL keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer

The wonderful properties of wool have been appreciated for generations

Pillows filled with pure wool

The natural insulating properties of wool regulate body temperature, keeping you cozy all year round.

Natural biofilter - wool does not absorb odors or dust and effectively neutralizes harmful substances in the environment. As a biological natural product, it is free from dyes and fragrances, without any additives and chemicals.

Wool is one of the safest and healthiest bedding materials. Naturally resistant to dust mites and mold because it quickly wicks moisture away. Wool neutralizes positive ions (which in excess are harmful to health) and replaces them with negative ions specific to the human body.

Regular wrapping in wool will make us feel rested, reduce muscle pain and increase our body's immunity.

Enjoy the perfect temperature for deep and relaxing sleep all year round.

Wool is one of the best natural fibers that provides a pleasant feeling of wrapping and cares for health, it is highly hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It supports the head perfectly and does not collapse after prolonged use.

We have various types of wool fiber to choose from:

Alpaca wool pillows
Sheep Wool Pillows
Cashmere Goat Wool Pillows
Merino wool pillows

Choose your favorite wool fiber - a wool pillow is a great purchase that will stay with you for years.

Collection: Natural Wool Pillows

The comfort and beneficial properties of wool will make you rest and wake up regenerated. Natural pillows filled with wool. A cozy sleep environment for the whole family.