Beneficial for health, well-being and comfort.

Duvets and pillows filled with 100% pure ecological wool create an exceptionally cozy sleeping environment. They have amazing thermal properties, excellent fluffiness and perfect moisture regulation among all fillings available in the world.

WOOL keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer

The wonderful properties of wool have been appreciated for generations

Natural duvets and pillows filled with pure wool

Woolen duvets

Breathable, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic and with excellent temperature regulation, wool can truly transform your sleep. Its unique temperature-regulating properties are irreplaceable.

Enjoy the perfect temperature for deep and relaxing sleep all year round.

Woolen duvets and pillows are recommended for everyone, but especially for people who struggle with frequent cold, night sweats, sleep disorders, and some diseases. They adapt to your body temperature and keep you warm without accumulating moisture. Wool is one of the best natural fibers that provides a pleasant feeling of wrapping and cares for health, it is highly hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

We have various types of wool fiber to choose from:
Alpaca Wool Quilts
Sheep Wool Quilts
Quilts made of Cashmere Goat Wool
Merino Wool Quilts
Camel Wool Quilts

The warmest wool fibers include camel wool. Their warmth is due to evolution, where in the desert temperatures can be extreme because the days are hot and the nights are frosty, camel hair has evolved to help them survive these rapid changes in temperature. These properties of wool perfectly regulate your body temperature not only in winter but all year round.

Cashmere goats live on the Himalayan plateaus, at altitudes of up to 5,000 meters, and their unique hair is processed into wonderfully light fillings for cashmere duvets. Cashmere fiber is several times warmer than classic wool.

It is a silky, soft and durable fiber that has exceptional thermal properties thanks to microscopic air pockets. These pockets allow the body to breathe while maintaining a constant body temperature. For people sensitive to lanolin, which naturally occurs in sheep's wool, alpaca is a good alternative fiber.

  • wool from Merino sheep - Merino

Merino is one of the oldest and largest sheep species, adapted to live in extreme mountain conditions in which an ordinary sheep would not survive. Merino dogs have characteristic circular horns (males) and very thick, thin, long fur that flows in the wind. Just like alpacas do during the day - the natural covering of merino animals protects them against severe frosts in winter, and by breathing in summer it does not lead to overheating. Merino wool is exceptionally soft.

Natural sheep wool was an important raw material thousands of years ago. Our ancestors used sheep fleece to create clothing that protected the body from the cold. Its extraordinary pain-relieving properties were quickly discovered. Today we know that this is due to lanolin, a natural wax produced by the sebaceous glands of animals with wool. Sheep grows new fleeces every year, making wool one of the most sustainable fibers available. The sheep are sheared once or twice a year.

Healthy sleep

In summary, wool is a wonderful, natural and sustainable fiber, and its specific properties have been proven to help you achieve a more balanced night's sleep. It is also naturally fire-resistant and has a spectrum of health properties. No matter what type of wool you choose, your sleep will be restful because it helps maintain a balanced body temperature.

Regularly wrapping yourself in a wool-filled duvet will make you feel rested, reduce muscle pain and increase your body's immunity.

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A cozy sleep environment for the whole family