In our ethical studio, we make dreams about natural, safe and healthy products come true. We deprive and release from the pressure of rapid production, mass exploitation, human and animal suffering and environmental pollution. We are surrounded by harmony and faith in symbiosis with nature.

According to our idea, the raw materials and materials needed to create our products come from certified producers. Our business partners are only companies that are distinguished by a sustainable method of obtaining and processing natural resources. They have the appropriate certificates confirming their ecological origin or are characterized by ethical activity. We know this is appropriate and in line with what else we can do.

The textile industry is one of the largest in the world and its potential to influence our world both positively and negatively is enormous. We want to use the positive side of this potential and show how responsible textile production can create not only beautiful products, but also a more beautiful world.

Our designs are inspired by nature and based on the principles of biophilia, the theory that people are happier surrounded by natural materials thanks to our evolutionary heritage. That is why we only use natural and organic fibers, and for our projects we choose subdued colors and subtle patterns. In this way, we hope to create a product that brings nature's health and therapeutic benefits to your homes.

Each of us can make a difference to the future of our planet by using organic, sustainable and responsibly produced fabrics.

We wish you all the best!