Year-round quilts

Made of the best natural materials ensuring excellent insulation. Designed to provide us with pleasant warmth without the possibility of overheating thanks to its wonderful thermoregulatory properties.


Soft, fluffy and natural filling

Year-round duvets - what are they?

Natural temperature regulation for better sleep.

It's worth noting that not everyone feels the cold to the same extent and that some of us naturally sleep under thinner duvets, even in the colder months. Therefore, the choice of duvet depends on our personal preferences, the temperature in the sleeping room and, of course, our climate.

Optimum filling weight

One of the most important criteria for dividing duvets is their warmth class. Thermal properties are determined by the weight of the quilt.

Marking the duvet as summer, year-round and winter - taking into account the filling weight, we are able to adjust the duvet to our expectations.

The all-season duvet is a universal duvet, it will be suitable for both warmer and colder nights due to the optimal weight of non-woven fabric or down. You can choose year-round down and wool duvets, as well as vegan duvets, i.e. completely plant-based , or choose a series of anti-allergic duvets .

Regardless of the choice of natural filling, the thermoregulatory properties will make you feel warm, cozy and have the health-promoting properties of each of them.

Collection: Year-round quilts

All-year-round, optimal duvets filled with delicate goose down, ultra-delicate camel wool, Merino wool, cashmere wool or sheep wool. All-year-round hemp, cotton, Tencel and silk duvets. A specially selected weight will provide warmth without the possibility of overheating the body thanks to the wonderful thermoregulatory properties of natural fibers.

A carefully selected series of year-round duvets of the highest quality.