Care of natural duvets and pillows

Full traceability combined with machine washability make the series of natural duvets and pillows unique. The wool in our products has always been sustainable, renewable, biodegradable and machine washable. To enjoy your duvet and pillow as long as possible, read our care tips.


Our wool-filled duvets and pillows have self-cleaning properties - they have properties that prevent them from accumulating dust and sweat, thus creating unfavorable conditions for the development of dust mites. Moreover, thanks to the lanolin content in the fibers, the elastic structure of the fleece and the dense weave of the cover fabric, dirt is retained on the surface and cannot penetrate the duvet or pillow.
To enjoy your duvet and pillow for as long as possible, learn how to care for your products:

  • The duvet and pillow should be aired frequently
  • Washing infrequently with a wool program at max. 30°C with the addition of lanolin (in the case of a pillow, wash only the pillowcase without filling)
  • Spinning max 400 rpm.

  • Do not tumble dry

  • When drying, lay flat

  • You can iron or refresh it using a steam generator

  • We recommend using ecological washing agents whose composition is non-toxic to our health and the environment.

let the sunshine in

Wool loves the sun as much as it loves fresh air. Putting out woolen bedding or pillows on a sunny day several times a year is a great way to naturally refresh and cleanse them. It may also be a great idea to leave them out for a while on frosty days.