Cashmere magic

The most delicate enveloping fibers, with the beneficial power of nature

Balance of luxury, warmth, weight and breathability.

Comfort and coziness

Natural quilts filled with cashmere goat wool

Combined with the latest standards of sustainable production, cruelty-free production processes, cashmere is a fiber that continues to have a lasting impact on the evolution of the textile industry.

It combines delicacy and extraordinary warmth, which is why it wraps our body so pleasantly. The unrivaled ability to retain heat is the greatest advantage of blankets filled with fiber from Cashmere goats. In terms of thermal performance, cashmere duvets are by far the lightest natural hair duvets. The unrivaled delicacy of the fluffy fiber gives it exceptional softness and elasticity.

Collection: Cashmere duvets

An uncompromising proposition for people who value the noblest natural fibers in the world. Cashmere is synonymous with luxury, delicacy and magical warmth. Wool combed from Cashmere goats is a very limited resource and only a certain amount is produced in the world. This is a rare phenomenon, which is why its price is correspondingly higher compared to other wool fibers.