Certyfikat GOTS - Wybór bawełny organicznej robi różnicę

GOTS CERTIFIED - Choosing organic cotton makes a difference

Conventional cotton production has a devastating impact on the environment and people. 50% of all pesticides are used on cotton crops, almost half of which have been classified by the World Health Organization as "hazardous" to human health and ecosystems. Thirty percent of the world's pesticides are used to grow it, and huge amounts of chlorine, toxic dyes and finishing chemicals are used in its processing. Choosing organic cotton really makes a difference.

Organic cotton vs conventional cotton - Maximusky Organic

Conventional cultivation

“You are what you eat” is a famous expression that we all know and understand. We understand that when we consume something, it enters us and affects our body - for example, when we feel tired, we can drink a cup of coffee, and caffeine helps us perk up.

We also understand how materials in contact with our skin can be absorbed by it and affect us. But have you thought about what comes into contact with your skin regularly? These are your clothes, underwear, bedding, mattress and personal hygiene materials.

The aggression of using chemicals to grow cotton in a quick - conventional way - is terrifying! Because in cotton processing, in addition to highly irritating, toxic sprays, a wide range of hazardous finishing materials are used. These include ammonia, azo and heavy metal dyes, flame retardants, formaldehyde, petroleum cleaning agents and plasticizers. Residues of these harmful substances are still in your fabric that comes into direct contact with your skin.

GOTS certified

The Global Organic Textile Standard ensures that the fibers from which fabrics or other products are made have been finished in a sustainable way, without the use of insecticides and pesticides. Additionally, you can be sure that the most ecological and socially responsible methods were used throughout the entire production process. This means, among other things:

GOTS certificate - find out more. Organic cotton. Maximusky.

  • without GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • no harmful chemicals
  • no child labor
  • no dyes or inks classified as allergenic

Only the product license number guarantees the consumer that the product is fully certified.

The GOTS certificate is a guarantee of environmentally friendly, sustainable production and processing, fair trade and the highest quality and reliability. Each GOTS-certified product in our assortment must have a license number , which can be found in the product description.

You should be careful about the so-called g reenwashing . This applies to products that may have been made from materials certified according to: GOTS, but we can never guarantee how the certification took place or whether it took place at all, whether it concerns yarn or maybe only a part of the supply chain. This is highly risky and misleading to customers, as harmful dyes or other substances may have been used at the stage of creating the fabric or knitwear. A product that is GOTS certified must have a license number available to the consumer. Only the product license number guarantees the consumer that the product is fully GOTS certified.

GOTS organic cotton - Maximusky Organic

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