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Air-purifying bedroom plants that will turn your small space into a peaceful oasis. The plants are amazing. They brighten up your room and give you a living being to talk to when there are no people in sight.

Bedrooms are supposed to be a haven where you can recharge your batteries, and greenery can help you achieve that sense of peace. Whether your home is filled with natural light or relies on artificial lighting, potted plants can thrive in your bedroom. They not only beautify your space, but also cleanse the air of toxins and produce oxygen at night, helping to maintain appropriate humidity, ensuring better sleep.

Plants have a positive impact on our health and well-being and are a unique decoration of any interior.

More oxygen in the bedroom

Due to the decrease in oxygen levels in the room during sleep, we suggest how to naturally increase its amount and experience blissful sleep. Plants can help you not only add more oxygen to your bedroom, but also filter harmful toxins from the air.

Apart from purifying the air and adding oxygen to your bedroom, some of the other reasons why you must have plants in your bedroom are:

  • Increased humidity
  • Soothing properties
  • Stylish decor
  • Stress reduction

Cacti and plants from the Crassulaceae family release oxygen at night. These include, for example, agave, arboreal aloe, Christmas cactus, Easter cactus, Guinea sansevieria, orchids.

A natural humidifier in your home

It turns out that having enough of the right plants can also increase the humidity (i.e., humidify) the air in rooms, which can have a host of health benefits. Interestingly, the drier the air, the more plants evaporate. Water vapor moisturizes the air, which improves the microclimate in the apartment.

Well-humidified air helps us:

  • soothe dry skin and lips
  • prevent dry throat
  • reduce sinus problems and nasal irritation
  • prevent nosebleeds
  • reduce the likelihood of infections and allergies

If you are dealing with dry indoor air, place your plants on a tray of pebbles with water to increase humidity for the plants and the interior. To make a noticeable impact on the air in your home, try to have at least a few plants in each room. If you have little space for plants, try to choose larger ones with large leaves.

Cleanse the air of toxins

Potted plants in your bedroom can also improve your mood, increase creativity, reduce stress levels, increase productivity, naturally filter air pollutants, and much more.

Many of us do not realize how important air quality is. Often, insulation, paint and even furniture in our homes can pollute the indoor air with toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene. Plants can absorb harmful gases through the pores in their leaves, filtering and purifying the air you breathe every day. Isn't this wonderful?

The best houseplants for your bedroom:


Maximusky - which potted plants to choose for your bedroom?

This incredibly low-maintenance plant is an optimal choice for the bedroom because not only does it earn a spot on NASA's Top 10 Air-Purifying Plants list, but it is also one of the few houseplants that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night (something most houseplants do only does it during the day). It removes benzene compounds, which are responsible for low mood, and also hinders oxygenation of the brain. It copes well with formaldehyde, which causes insomnia and headaches.

You don't have to worry about complicated Sansevieria care, fortunately, it is a very undemanding plant. In summer we water it twice a week, in winter once every 2-3 weeks. It comes from African countries, so the cold is not good for it, the temperature in the bedroom should not be lower than 14-15 degrees.


Spathiphyllum Maximusky plants in your bedroom

The charming flower called Spathiphyllum owes its name to its characteristic long leaves with white inflorescences growing between them. Its greatest advantage (apart from beauty) are its health-friendly properties. Spathiphyllum cleanses the air of substances harmful to humans, such as: formaldehyde, carbon monoxide or xylene. In this field, he was even appreciated by NASA experts! It increases the humidity of the air, allowing us to breathe freely in the apartment, so we can breathe deeply into it.

The flower can only be watered once a week.


Aloe - What plants to have in your bedroom - Maximusky

Aloe, how many flattering words come to mind when discussing this plant. It cleans, filters and humidifies the air in the room where you sleep. At night, it absorbs carbon dioxide, releases oxygen , and provides adequate humidity so that we can breathe freely and sleep peacefully.

The healing properties fight bacteria, viruses and fungi, which is why aloe is used in cosmetology. Aloe leaves with the multivitamin richness of the pulp have for years had regenerative properties for cuts, burns, inflammation, and even masks that regenerate the facial skin.

Aloe is a succulent and is watered very sparingly. The thick and flexible leaves store so much water that in summer, watering once every two weeks is enough.


Lavender in your bedroom - Maximusky Organic

Its unique scent reduces the heart rate, calms and relaxes, which is why it is often used to decorate bedrooms and even SPA salons. It has been proven that the scent of lavender has a calming effect on children, helping them fall asleep peacefully, and reducing stress for parents. Learn more about the beneficial properties of lavender here , there's a reason why we add its dried flowers to our pillows!

Every beauty likes light, lavender also thrives better in warm and sunny places with light watering for balance.

It does not require frequent watering (too much soil moisture can harm it and reduce its resistance to diseases), but it is better not to allow the roots to dry out. Water should be poured into pots in moderate amounts.

We hope that you are interested in the topic of plants in your space for peaceful sleep. We hope you will let us know what plants live in your bedroom.



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